2013 goal exceeded!

We had a goal for 2013. That goal was to help 1,000 Michigan pets get fixed before the end of the 2013. We are thrilled to announce that we reached our goal early! As of Oct 31st we reached 1014 surgeries completed! Some of those were for families who needed assistance, some were free for pit bulls and pit mixes and others were free for stray & feral cats. We are very grateful to our donors & supporters that allow us to continue this important and live saving work. We would also like to thank Capital Area Humane […] Read more »

Voiceless-MI Receives Grant to Support Pit bull Spay/Neuter in memory of pit bull brutally stabbed and hanged in Lansing, Mich.

Voiceless-MI today announced that it has been awarded an anonymous grant to help fund their free “FIX-A-BULL” spay/neuter program. This comes on the heels of last month’s “FIX-A-BULL” grant that helped to spay and neuter 70+ mid-Michigan dogs at no cost. This round of free pit bull spay/neuters will be conducted in memory of a local pit bull that was stabbed multiple times and hanged in front of horrified witnesses in Lansing, Michigan last month. Two brothers have been arrested and charged in the case and […] Read more »

Thank you Best Friends Animal Society!

Voiceless-MI would like to announce the receipt of a generous grant from BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SOCIETY in Kanaab, Utah for our FIX-A-BULL program. This grant will help to spay/neuter 70 pit bull and pit bull mix type dogs for free! The FIX-A-BULL program is 100% FREE spay/neuter for pit bull and pit mix type dogs. A rabies shot is also included if dogs do not have a current vaccine. To qualify you need to be 18years old, a Michigan resident and the dog must be a […] Read more »


We would like to thank the Petco Foundation for their *VERY* generous grant of $9,500 for our low income spay/neuter program! We are so grateful to the Petco Foundation for their ongoing support and we are thrilled to have been given this opportunity. Read more »

The FIX-A-BULL program is BACK!

The FIX-A-BULL program is BACK! This is a 100% *FREE* spay/neuter program for all pit bull & pit mix type dogs. We also include a rabies shot if your dog does not have one. Did you know that pits/pit mixes are the #1 breed languishing and dying in animal shelters all over the country? Sad, but true! Don’t be a part of the problem – BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION! CLICK HERE TO APPLY   SORRY-AS OF MONDAY FEB 4th, ALL FREE VOUCHERS HAVE […] Read more »

Thank you ASPCA!

We would like to thank ASPCA Grants for the generous grant to support our low income spay/neuter program. We are so grateful that we will be able to continue helping needy families get their pets fixed. Read more »

Relaunching Low Income Spay/Neuter Program!

Thanks to generous grants from Build-A-Bear Workshop Foundation and The Petco Foundation, we are officially relaunching our low income spay/neuter program. If you or someone you know are low income and cannot afford to sterilize your dog or cat, we can help!  To find out more or to apply, CLICK HERE. Read more »

Spay/neuter help available!

Are you a low income pet owner that needs help getting your dog or cat fixed? Voiceless-MI can help! Voiceless-MI is working with the new Capital Area Humane Society spay/neuter clinic at 5919 S. Cedar Street in Lansing. We are offering subsidized/discounted surgeries for low income families. If you are low income and need help getting your pet fixed, please apply HERE! Read more »