FIX-A-BULL free spay/neuter program has ended – sorry!


Our 2015 FIX-A-BULL free spay/neuter program has come to a close. We hope to be able to offer this again sometime in 2016. In the meantime, if you are a low income individual that needs your pittie (or other dog breed…or cats!)  fixed, please CLICK HERE for financial assistance though Voiceless-MI.

Often times Ingham County Animal Control and Capital Area Humane Society also offer different low cost programs that can help too! Be sure to call them directly and ask if you don’t see something on their website. If you live in Warren, Michigan or the City of Detroit, All About Animals offers free pit and pit mix spay/neuters also!

JULY/AUGUST 2015:   Capital Area Humane society low cost clinic is offering their “primp your pit” program. This includes a spay or neuter for your pit or pit mix and also includes a nail trim for $20. To make an appointment, call their clinic at 517-908-0756.   CALL ASAP – THIS IS LIMITED!!!