Successful Adoption Stories – Happy Tails!

EVERYONE loves a super successful adoption story, don’t they? That is what we at Voiceless-MI call one of our “Happy Tails”. Lots of wagging tails (dog & cat) and happy families.  This page shows you why we do what we do.



I was checking out Face Book when I came across a hilarious photo of a “grumpy” looking kitty. For the rest of the day and the following I couldn’t get her out of my mind. We had not had cats in some years and our son had been asking for one since he was about two. After some negotiations, my husband I gave his blessing to look at adopting “Chinney”. The following night we went and met her, to the surprise of our son. Though she has a new name not to draw more attention to her larger chin. Ginny begs with our three dogs when I am cooking. She plays and follows our son around and if you can not find her, she’s on his bed. We are all so happy to have her as part of our family and in our lives. ~The Anthonys


My new sister Gypsy told me on the car ride home that I would be ‘spoiled rotten’ but I had no idea a dog’s life could be this good!  I love my long walks, cuddles in bed, and playtime with my new sis. I love my new home and my new parents that adore me!
Pawsitively Yours,
Lil’ Bit and the Truxel-Wellington Family





successful adoption


“Jimmy has really helped fill the void left when we lost our last dog last year.  He has become the neighborhood favorite and we are so happy to have him!   He has become a playmate for Hazel and the kids and he has brought a great deal of joy to everyone in our household.  In short, Jimmy brings a smile to the faces of everyone he meets!”    -The Gatzek Family, Plymouth, MI




Just wanted to update you on “Mr. Doodles” (aka The Dude). He’s become the “star” of our family, and we couldn’t love him any more if we tried. He & Sophie are the best of friends and although we had to be Dobie down in Novemeber, I attached a picture to show you that he and the Dude DID become friends while he was still alive. Thanks again for finding our baby and rest assured that he is loved and cared for beyond his wildest dreams!     -Michael, Dawn & Logan Fisher




Max is like a youngster again. He is really the best dog I’ve ever had. He is quite literally, PERFECT! He has enriched our lives so much! -Dawn Hecker











“Our 6 year old can’t get enough of her new “sisters” Carly and Cece! And it’s so wonderful to come home to their wagging tails at the end of the day!” -The O’Brien-Lucas Family


“Thank you for introducing us to Bishop and allowing us to adopt him!!  Here he is with his new brother Albert 🙂 We hope he will soon forget about his horrible past, the house fire experience and only remember his good times now and in the future. Thank you so much!” -Peggy Wilson


Adopting Hooch brought so much happiness into my life. Having a dog makes a house a home. There’s no greater feeling than coming home from work and being greeted by Hooch with a full circle tail wag. Hooch loves to cuddle and play, and makes friends with everyone who walks through the door. He wakes me up in the morning with a cold, wet nose, and let me tell you – there’s no better way to start the day. Thanks, Clare



CHRISTMAS 2011: “I just thought I would forward you a picture of Moose that we took on Christmas day while he was waitin’ for Santa 🙂 What a wonderful Christmas present…the gift of Moose!  He has really filled a void in our hearts, enriched our lives and we love him so much!”


The story of Dudley Montgomery Worcestershire Wood the 3rd

2010 was a rough year for me as I lost both of my dogs. One to gastric torsion and one to general old age. In early 2011 I started getting e-mails from someone pestering me about adopting another dog. That got me looking at Petfinder where I found Dudley. Turns out that same someone’s rescue organization had him. We fell in love with his pictures and the video was too much to resist. So after some pestering of my own we took him home.

He’s a very funny dog. You wake up and he’s peering over the side of the bed. I keep the treats in another room and when he thinks he deserves one he stands with his nose against the door or the cabinet they are in. He’s quite talkative and barks when he’s very happy or not very happy. And when he has an itch he runs up and down the side of the bed or couch rubbing up against it, occasionally falling over on the hardwood floor when he loses his footing. He’s got a huge personality and has been great fun.- Russ Wood, May 2011



“Frank immediately fit into our home like a well-worn glove 🙂  Thank you Voiceless for allowing Frank to be a part of our family!!”   – The Carpenter Family







“Blueberry is doing GREAT!  She’s put on quite a few pounds and she’s looking much better.  She gets along great with the cats, although the cats are still
amazed by the gigantic creature that now resides in the home 🙂  She listens so well – I’m just amazed at what a wonderful dog she is.  We are so happy to have her as a member of our family!”    -The Belloli Family


“Here’s my boy, Hooper!  I lost my buddy Barley 4 months ago and during that time I happened to come across Hooper on Voiceless-mi.  There was this little guy named Hooper that stole my heart.  He has been the greatest joy and has helped heal my broken heart over losing Barley. Thank you Voiceless! “
No, thank YOU Blendena for giving Hooper such a wonderful and loving home!







In February of 2010, we pulled two very sweet beagles from Gratiot County Animal Control just in time to save them from the Class B research dealer.  Sadly, tests and xrays showed they both had advanced stage heartworm disease.  Poor little Eddie’s heart was so engorged with the deadly worms, it was twice it’s normal size.  They were both very sick little guys.
With GENEROUS donations, we were able to provide Chuck and Eddie with the necessary heartworm treatment over a period of 2-3 months.  During that time, they progressively started feeling better as you will see in the accompanying video!  First, they had the horrible luck of landing in a shelter that gives unclaimed pets to research dealers then, diagnosed with advanced heartworm disease.  They beat the odds with your help!
Finally, Chuck and Eddie were adopted *TOGETHER* by a wonderful man, Nick, who met them at one of our Petco events.  It was a love connection for sure! Chuck and Eddie are now healthy, happy and living the good life thanks to the help of some very caring and generous benefactors.

Dog Rescue Rescued Dog Cane
Cane originally came from a shelter in Michigan that sold to research. Cane was pulled out by Voiceless-MI to help him find a new life. And what a life he found with Suzanne, his new owner! Here is a picture of Suzanne and Cane at his first  Rally obedience trial.
Suzanne said “My goal going in was really to just have Cane behave nicely during the whole show experience (which he exceeded my expectations!).  I had hopes of qualifying, but I was fully prepared to consider my entry fee a donation to the club hosting the show.  As I said, just being there was my main goal.  Well – we qualified and we earned 4th place in the class and received a nice fourth place ribbon and a dog toy!  It is just the early, beginning levels, but I was very proud of our very first time going out.”
Congratulations to Suzanne and Cane!!!!!
~April 2010