In Memory Of

In loving memory of Alfred Dayton White, kind donation made by his Aunt, Susanne Dayton.

In loving memory of William Hartenburg, kind donation made by Susanne Dayton

in memory-millerIn loving memory of Patty Miller, from her devoted friend Mary Ann Schropp




In loving memory of Teddy, a sweet pitbull owned by Dan, Becky, Noah & Paige. Kind donation by Joni & Clifford Mitts.

CooperWe miss your kind eyes and sweet, gentle soul. You fiercely and bravely guarded The Prairie and will forever be a Prairie Critter. Love you always, Cooper!

And for Kathy & Carina, in the hope that knowing Cooper is now helping change the world for other voiceless animals helps to heal your hearts. Love, Scott & Kat


In loving honor of D’Angelo, beloved and most awesome cat of Rachel Akers & Keli Bashore. With warm regards from Dr. Stuhler, Dr. Johns, Dr. Hubbard, Dr. Hileman and the Waverly Animal Hospital staff

In loving remembrance of Blackie Rigg, the best kitty cat friend of Mary Rigg. With sincere sympathy from Dr. Stuhler, Dr. Johns and the Waverly Animal Hospital staff

In loving memory of Night Wolf, beloved doggie companion of Patty & Doug Wolf.  Sympathies from Dr. Stuhler, Dr. Johns, Dr. Hubbard, Dr. Hileman and the Waverly Animal Hospital staff

In loving memory of Shirro Scranton, beloved cat of the Scranton family. With warm regards from Dr. Johns & the Waverly Animal Hospital Staff

KrisRIn Loving Memory of Kris Reynolds, a kind and gentle person with a heart of gold. Always willing to help a person or animal in need. Kris was a Voiceless-MI volunteer who fostered dogs – LARGE dogs were her favorite. Saint Bernards, Mastiffs, yet she loved them all and fostered many breeds over the years. She will be greatly missed by her family, by her pets and by the rescue community.  Kind donation made by Helen Enander & Elizabeth Elliot, BW Cusack, Christy Ishraidi,  and William Underwood II.




honeyIn Loving Memory of Honey Mayo. Beloved orange girl of Becki Mayo. She was a wonderful “momma” to show other foster kitties the way. She is missed every day!





In Loving Memory of Mary Hambrick, loyal family to Zach Hambrick. Kind donation from Dr. Stuhler, Dr. Johns & The Waverly Animal Hospital Staff



In Loving memory of Kobia Byers, beloved canine of the Byers family. Kind donation from Dr. Stuhler, Dr. Johns & The Waverly Animal Hospital Staff




In Loving Memory of Agnes Enander, beloved mother of Helen Enander. Kind donation made by Rianne Anderson and Helen’s MFNI co workers.





In Loving Memory of Alfred “Freddie” White. Beloved son of Nancy Dayton and loved by everyone he befriended. He had a smile that could brighten the room and a laugh that was contagious. Kind donations from Susan & Ron Yu, Laura Irvine, Geoffrey & Barbara Stauffer,  John & Joan Newberry, Kari Huss, Marty Saffell, Jeff & Mary Smith, Kari DeRosa, Dennis & Deborah Irwin Stabenow, Liesl Bohan, Susanne Dayton & Tom Miller.




In Loving Memory of Melody Morrison, Kind donations from Nan Jackson, Steven & Julie Sullivan, Jeff & Debbie Klont, and Bob & Sally Tubbs.






“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.” – a headstone in Ireland

In Loving memory of David C. Sauve’ who will be loved and missed every day that goes by. Loving donations from:

  • Lorinda Tait
  • Jan Williams
  • Lee Hegstrand
  • Susan Garrison
  • Anne Scholberg
  • Amy Denslow
  • Susie Fennell
  • Carole & John Kennedy
  • Jill Mayor
  • David & Susan Pinter
  • Judy Hood
  • Sterling & Thomas Shaw
  • Tori & Gary Steffy
  • Marina Kotsifis
  • David & Melissa Dye
  • Gayle Locke
  • William Harrison
  • Ryan Burns
  • Grant & Ronnie Thoms
  • John R. Hernandez
  • Helen Schneider
  • Brian & Linda Rysberg

Kayla333In loving memory of Kayla Thoms. Beloved best friend of Holly Thoms. “The Prettiest of the Pretty”. Meet you at the rainbow bridge my girl! Kind donations from Allie Phillips, Jan Williams and Jill Mayor.








downloadIn loving memory of Joshua C. Norton, kind donation from Paul & Sherri Wiegman







RazzIn loving memory of Razz, beloved cat of Colleen.
Gone too young, but always remembered — this sweet formerly-feral girl.
~Donations by friends of Colleen.





In loving memory of Delores Grady. She shared her joy and strength with all those around her, including her canine companion Ginger. She will be deeply missed.





CharlieIn loving memory of Charlie Ogar, kind donation from Colleen LoVette.

Kind donation from Sandra Giardini, In memory of Charlie Ogar, now surrounded by the spirits of animal friends….

In memory of Charlie Ogar, kind donation made by Jeff Blyth. In Memory of Charlie Ogar, the tireless animal advocate and inimitable quipster. May you be dancing now to your beloved “Mustang Sally” in the beyond. Kind donation made by Sheri Giardini.

In Memory of Charlie Ogar, kind donation from Jon & Cathy Ogar



In loving memory of Jean Korpi Terrell, kind donation from Glen Bachelder.

OTIn Memory of OT, beloved kitty of Sherri & Paul Wiegman who crossed to the rainbow bridge on 6-14-11.






Linda Nisse-MeyerIn loving memory of Linda Nisse-Meyer. A beautiful person with a big heart and avid advocate for animals. She will be dearly missed by all.




Barley BoyMy Barley boy, he was my best friend and he gave the best face kisses in the world. I will love him forever!Sweet Barley Boy!