Pound Seizure

What is pound seizure?

Pound seizure is the practice of releasing, selling or giving shelter animals to USDA Class B Dealers (animal brokers) and research facilities for purposes of research and/or experimentation. Often the public is completely unaware that a county animal shelter may be selling animals to class b dealers and other types of testing facilities and in most cases a county animal shelter is not going to freely offer the information.Pound Seizure help stop this practice in Michigan Unfortunately, there is no pending legislation in Michigan as of Nov 2014 to help stop pound seizure. Maybe the next legislative session(2015-2016) that will change.

Why this is wrong…

Pound seizure is not only a betrayal of trust to our pet companions, but a betrayal of trust to the community. Pets depend on humans for their survival. The public depends on their local animal shelter to protect and serve their community. When pound seizure is present at your local animal shelter, do you trust your shelter to make the right decision for your pet if they end up there lost?

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