TNR Videos

“Working With Us” TNR Video: What to expect and guidelines in this tnr video. Please note that the Voiceless-MI program is different than Carol’s ferals. What we expect is the same but our drop off, pick up and trapping times will differ. These videos are for guidelines on what to expect and how to trap.  We recommend trapping the cats the night before bringing them in for surgery. Please speak with Voiceless-MI on how to best time your trapping, we are here to help! Enjoy your TNR videos.

  • borrowing our equipment and how we can help you
  • communications with us when you’re trapping cats
  • working agreement you will agree to when using our equipment
  • why ferals should come to us in traps vs carriers
  • how we “handle” ferals (without actually touching them)


“How To Trap A Cat” TNR video

  • baiting the trap
  • setting the trap
  • what type of food to put in trap
  • transporting trapped cats
  • transferring trapped cats into our smaller catch cages


“Helpful Strategies & Advice” TNR video

  • using trap as a feeding station to get cat used to going into trap
  • trapping a cat when many other colony cats are already fixed
  • when to trap / what to do when cat is captured
  • when to trap and when NOT TO TRAP
  • when to bring in food and why we need to feed cats and not wildlife
  • what to put food on when in trap
  • using food as bait and use of tough love to trap the cats
  • getting cats on a feeding schedule
  • talking to neighbors about TNR
  • why not take ferals to the shelter


“Things to consider”  TNR video

  • why trap now vs letting cat get friendly to grab it yourself
  • friendly cats outside are in peril for many reasons
  • keeping feral cats feral – for their own good
  • no more free kittens
  • what TNR accomplishes – elimination of birth potential
  • vacuum effect
  • fixing colony to 100%
  • continuing colony management
  • fixing pregnant cats

Thank you CAROL’S FERALS for your expert trapping advice and for allowing us to share your knowledge!

tnr video