Trap Neuter Return Program for Feral Cats

April 2017: Our TNR program has closed permanently. We are sorry we are unable to assist you. To find other TNR options in the area, please check:


The feline overpopulation problem is skyrocketing in Michigan. Shelters and rescues are overflowing with needy homeless cats. What about the truly needy – who is there for the feral cats? A feral cat is an outdoor, free-roaming cat that is fearful of humans due to lack of interaction. Left unaltered, free-roaming cats continue to reproduce creating more homeless kittens. Trap Neuter Return is the answer.  Our TNR program addresses feral cats in Ingham and Eaton county, Michigan.


Through Trap Neuter Return, free-roaming cats live out their lives without adding to the homeless cat population.  According to scientific studies, free-roaming cats gain weight and live healthier lives after being altered. Trap Neuter Return programs are proven to stabilize and significantly reduce the size of free-roaming cat colonies.  By limiting free-roaming cat populations, fewer unwanted and homeless cats are taken to shelters and euthanized.

3 Easy Steps To Start our Trap Neuter Return Program If You Live in Ingham or Eaton Cty., Michigan:

  1. Read The Ten CATmandments, if you are in agreement, move to the next step….
  2. Read CAT TRAPPING 101 and learn a little about what it will take to trap a feral cat
  3. If after reading both items you are ready to trap some feral kitties, to start a dialogue with us, please fill out our NEEDS ASSESSMENT FORM

    • Free use of our traps (TRAP LEASE AGREEMENT)
    • Free spay/neuter for your feral cats. We also include a rabies vaccine, distemper vaccine & mandatory ear tipping at NO COST. Free is Good! We want to help those who choose the humane choice to help!
    • Personalized support during the trapping process – available by the phone, email, literature, and videos – we’ll show you how to do it!

    • We can’t rehome your feral cats. The “R” in TNR stands for RETURN. As in “RETURN the cat to where it came from”. It is a crucial part of the TNR process. If you have a special set of circumstances, please be sure to let us know.
    • If you end up with some friendly kitties, we can give you suggestions to help find homes for those kitties. We can give you the tools you will need to do it.

    • Please click to read THE TEN CATMANDMENTS. Let’s make sure we are on the same page before moving forward. If you agree to abide by THE TEN CATMANDMENTS next you should…..
    • Watch these TNR VIDEOS before trapping. They are short videos but they are FILLED with very useful information. You’ll be a pro if you watch these videos!
    • Please take a moment to read our TNR INFORMATIONAL PAGE – including flyers and articles on ear tipping, hand raising young kittens, spaying pregnant females, taming feral kittens and the vacuum effect
    • Please read our LIVE TRAP AGREEMENT. You can print and fill one out prior to picking up traps to make the process a little smoother
    • Lastly, fill out our NEEDS ASSESSMENT FORM. Tell us all the details you can about your particular situation. Every situation is different and might need a different trapping approach.

    Please see our VIDEOS page with helpful, short videos that visually show you how to set your trap and other tips & tricks.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you do NOT have a warm place for cats to recuperate, you will need to wait until spring. Our trapping schedule during cold/winter months is VERY LIMITED.

    Please see our TRAP NEUTER RETURN LITERATURE page for all kinds of flyers on ear tipping, spaying pregnant females, taming feral kittens, hand raising very young kittens, rehoming barn cats and more!